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概要:  公司成立于1993年,成立初期就同日本某包装设计公司合作,开发高档纸箱客户。数年合作,本公司一只专注包装设计,为客户纸包装的安全、成本等方面提供专业咨询。1999年,新建厂房8000平方米,成为本地区最大的纸箱厂。2009年开始,公司专注研究防水纸箱,争取成为本行业的专家。
概要:  公司成立于1993年,成立初期就同日本某包装设计公司合作,开发高档纸箱客户。数年合作,本公司一只专注包装设计,为客户纸包装的安全、成本等方面提供专业咨询。1999年,新建厂房8000平方米,成为本地区最大的纸箱厂。2009年开始,公司专注研究防水纸箱,争取成为本行业的专家。









● history

The company was founded in 1993. At the beginning of its establishment, it cooperated with a Japanese packaging design company to develop carton customers with special functional requirements. After several years of cooperation, our company focuses on packaging design and provides professional consultation on the safety and cost of paper packaging for customers. In 1999, 8,000 square meters of factory buildings were newly built, making it the largest carton factory in the region. Since 2009, the company has focused on the research of waterproof cartons and strived to become an expert in this industry.

● Advantages

In 2009, we designed the wax-immersed carton assembly line with high degree of automation and applied for a patent. The products are successively sold to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries. In 2014, a frozen shrimp box was designed based on Australian customers. The Paper Box material can be continuously soaked for 12 hours without cracking. Under the condition of freezing 40℃, the adhesive material is not glued.

●, innovation

Continuous innovation is the foundation of Enterprise life continuity. After the innovative design of wax box equipment and independent research and development of frozen packaging materials, the company continues to strive to find paper innovation topics. At the beginning of 2015, paper thermal insulation boxes and mildew-proof cartons were developed, and efforts were made to develop packaging materials instead of foam cartons, contributing to the Environmental Protection of the fast-developing cold chain logistics packaging materials in China. At the same time, we welcome customers to put forward various seemingly unsolvable paper packaging issues, and we enjoy them.




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